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Summer holidays

As we take some time off for the summer holidays, any orders placed during the 9 to 31 of August will be shipped in the first days of September

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optimist sailors, regatta, downwind, tacking duels

Marine-grade material.

Waterproof. Sea proof. Sun proof.

Enjoy a wealth of online resources to learn how to play, develop strategies and tactics, and apply the racing rules of sailing

Sustainability, ethical, tacking duels values,
tacking duels, 18 footers, sailing, Sydney

tacking duels is an exciting strategy game of sailing racing that can be played from novices to sailing masters

tacking duels promotes the importance of developing strategies in rapidly changing weather conditions and deploying tactics when engaging in duels with other racing boats.

Optimist sailors
tacking duels, Sail GP, Sydney
Optimist sailors, regatta, tacking duels
tacking duels race committee boat
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tacking duels random events die
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