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All orders are shipped from Cyprus, EU, the place of production.


Your order will be dispatched within 5 business days of purchase. Once your order has been mailed, you will receive a shipping confirmation email with a tracking number.


A complete game with all components inside a ZEBILA bag plus an extra fleet weighs just over 1kg.


We can arrange for local pick for domestic orders at Nicosia. Alternatively, domestic orders can be mailed with PostExpress with a mail cost of €2,50. for each game purchased. Orders of multiple games will be split into two or more mail packages with separate tracking codes.


Our default choice for mailing is Cyprus Post. This is the cheapest and safest mail option. Cyprus Post classifies overseas destinations into two zones. All items are shipped as Registered mail that offers the ability to track the objects (Track & Trace) from dispatch to delivery.

Zone 1 includes European Union (EU) countries plus Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, Andorra, San Marino, the Vatican, Liechtenstein and Monaco. Zone 2 includes all other countries and sovereign jurisdictions.

Zone 1 charges

  Up to 500gr €5,88
  500-999gr €7,63
  1000-1499gr €10,88
  1500-1999gr €14,88

Zone 2 charges

  Up to 500gr €4.38
  500-999gr €8.63
  1000-1499gr €12,88
  1500-1999gr €16,88


A game weighs 1100 grams. If you add to that an extra boat fleet and a translated user guide in some other language then the most it can go is 1250 grams. So, for new a tacking duels game set you are looking at shipping costs of €14,88 in Zone 1 and €16,88 in Zone 2.

Orders heavier than 1999 grams attract excessive charges that are not economical for our customers and it is cheaper to split the order into multiple mail packages. Therefore, the heaviest order that we can send is 1999 grams and any order exceeding this weight will need to be split into two or more mail packages with separate tracking codes.

Delivery times

Deliveries to Zone 1 are expected to be fulfilled within 10 days from dispatch, and deliveries to Zone 2 countries within 2 weeks from dispatch.

We can also source quotes from international courier services like FedEx and DHL with faster delivery times, but then you will need to pay for the quoted shipping cost.

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