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  • What is tacking duels?
    tacking duels is a sailing strategy game that emulates dynamic sailing race conditions, weather changes and tactical engagements between boats. The game is played on a wooden board with engraved lay lines. The dice determine the wind strength, wind direction, current direction and random events such as getting a gust or capsizing.
  • Who can play tacking duels?
    tacking duels was originally developed as a coaching aid to teach young sailors the fundamentals of sail racing and the racing rules of sailing. It has since developed into a multilayered game with varying degrees of complexity. The game can be played by novices by simply having an appreciation of the points of sail, and what its means to tack and to gybe. More advanced sailors can add layers of complexity, such as a persistent current effect, giving dirty air, introducing a starting sequence, having protests and penalties, advanced course configurations and more.
  • Who designed this game?
    The game was designed by three brothers and their children who all love sailing. We are born and raised in the island of Cyprus but now wander the world. One of us lives in Cyprus, another in Austria, and another in Australia. We speak Greek, English, French and Polish. We have experience with dinghy sailing, windsurfing and offshore yachting. One of us is a sailing coach and offshore yachting instructor. The other is board member of a sailing federation supporting the development of Optimist class sailors. The youngest brother is a keen windsurfer.
  • Where is the game made?
    The game was originally inspired in the island of Cyprus. The wooden board is manufactured in Cyprus using wood imported from a sustainable source in Greece. The game manual is printed in Cyprus. The buttons are imported from Poland and installed in Cyprus. The bags are also made in Cyprus using upcycled manufacturing waste (see Our Values statement). The game pieces are 3D-printed in Greece.
  • Is the game environmentally sustainable?
    We strive to make the game as sustainable as possible, both economically and environmentally. A big part of our philosophy is to produce the game through local businesses, using ethical manufacturing and environmentally sustainable material. To learn more see Our Values statement.
  • Is the game waterproof?
    Absolutely! The game is waterproof, seaproof and sunproof. We have specifically chosen material that can withstand the harshness of the sun and the sea. If you store the game and its parts in their purpose-build bags then you game will live for generations to come.
  • Is the game safe for young children?
    The game is is rated for 3+ year olds because it has small pieces that can be swallowed by young children. Other than that, we have taken care that the game board and all pieces do not have any sharp edges and are made from non-toxic material. Even if an older child swallows a game piece, it would not be sharp and the paint is non-toxic.
  • Can I use the game for coaching purposes?
    YES please do and make sure to upload your photos at the User Gallery! You should know that tacking duels was originally developed as a coaching aid, for teaching young children the principles of sailing racing, strategy, tactical thinking and the racing rules of sailing. The game is also a great way to wind down after a long day of sailing and use it for debriefing.
  • What is the shipping cost?
    All orders are shipped from Cyprus, EU, the place of production. All items are shipped as Registered mail through Cyprus Post, offering the ability to track and trace from dispatch to delivery. Your order will be dispatched within 5 business days of purchase. Once your order has been mailed, you will receive a shipping confirmation email with a tracking number. To learn about the cost see our Shipping Information page.
  • What is ZEBILA?
    ZEBILA Limited is the company behind tacking duels. ZEBILA is owned by the brothers who have created tacking duels. ZEBILA's primary line of business is turning manufacturing tent waste into tough carry-all bags that endure harsh environments exposed to the sea, sand and sun. The game pieces pouch and the game board bag are produced by ZEBILA using upcycled tent off-cuts.
  • Can I become an affiliate?
    Yes, we have an affiliate program. To become an affiliate and help us promote tacking duels in exchange of a commission, please get in touch at and we will forward the necessary information.
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