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We are three brothers who love sailing. We are sailors and our children are sailors. Our father was a man of the sea. We have experience with dinghy sailing, windsurfing and offshore yachting. One of us is a sailing coach and offshore yachting  instructor. Another is a board member of a sailing federation supporting the development of young sailors.

tacking duels is a strategy game that emulates dynamic sailing race conditions, wind shifts, the current and tactical engagements. The game board was originally designed as a coaching aid for teaching strategy, tactics and the racing rules of sailing through hands-on interaction. It has since evolved into a fun strategy game that can be played from novices to sailing masters.

tacking duels is made in Cyprus and Greece in the EU

The game was originally inspired in 2016 in Cyprus. After several years of extensive R&D on design and materials, we have settled on producing all components in Greece and Cyprus using artisan and ethical methods of production made just for us.

We have chosen high-quality durable and sustainable material that can sustain exposure to the sun and the sea. We have taken caution to reduce physical hazard. We are acutely mindful of meeting sustainable and ethical manufacturing guidelines. Our choices come at a cost but ensure the highest quality, long life and customer satisfaction. 

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