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Our children

tacking duels was originally designed for our children and their friends, to help them learn the principles and rules of sailing racing and have fun while doing so. Our children have been an integral part of the design process from the beginning and  have contributed in a meaningful manner to the development of tacking duels. tacking duels was originally designed for young sailors but has since developed into a multilayered strategy game that can be played at various levels of complexity by all ages and sailing masters.



We love sailing and sailing racing. We are sailors, our children are sailors and our friends are sailors. Our life evolves around sailing, regattas and yachting. tacking duels is designed by sailors for sailors and this is our contribution to furthering the knowledge and awesomeness of sailing. We actively engage and support our sailing communities. One of us is a sailing coach and offshore yachting instructor. Another is a board member of a sailing federation supporting the development of young sailors.



We have strict standards when it comes to the selection of material and the process of manufacturing. We do not compromise on quality. We spent about 6 years on R&D and have tested a number of materials and manufacturing processes in an attempt to reach a balance between quality design, child-safety, uniqueness, durability, functionality, environmental sustainability, ethical manufacturing and economic viability. A key condition of our quality assurance process is that tacking duels and all of its components can withstand the harshness of the sun and the sea.


Planned sustainability

How many times have you bought or were gifted a carton game board or a plasticky toy that lived for a few weeks and then chucked into the bin? This is because cheaply-made mass-produced toys and games are designed for planned obsolescence with the primary objective of  encouraging consumption. We live in an enlightened age of environmental awareness and social responsibility, and we ascribe to the view that the only way forward is to reduce, re-use, recycle, and re-purpose. tacking duels has been designed for planned sustainability and if you store the game in its purpose-build bags then you should be able to pass it on to your grandchildren.


Slow manufacturing

We believe in the process of slow manufacturing that ensures high-quality craftsmanship and sustainability of an ethical manufacturing process. We do not mass-manufacture. Slow manufacturing minimises waste, reuses and recycles all material, ensures fair pay and safe working conditions, and allows its skillful workers to contribute in the creative process. We have full control over waste management, workers' conditions and fair pay.


Ethical sourcing

We prioritize responsible sourcing of materials from a local supply chain that is environmentally responsible and free from unethical practices. We support local small businesses and shop locally where possible. We are able to trace each material and manufacturing process to its source. Have a look at the map at the end of this page to see the extend of our supply chain's environmental footprint.


Rugged aesthetics

We strive for aesthetics beyond functionality. One of us is a qualified industrial designer and another is a visual data analyst. We believe in crafting objects of beauty that not only function well but also spark wonder and joy. We draw inspiration from sailing, industrial design and information visualisation. Our approach to aesthetics for tacking duels is a rugged industrial look reflecting the harsh environment of  the sea.


Sustainable packaging

We hate the idea of one-use packaging especially for the purpose of beautification or advertising alone. We particularly hate unnecessarily enlarged packaging that give a false impression of  bulkier goods, thus increasing its transportation footprint and environmental waste for no good reason.  tacking duels is shipped in its purpose-build industrial-grade bag. The game bag is then wrapped in a simple biodegradable gift paper to allow for the post office to affix its mailing labels.



We aim for uniqueness in a high-end customised product. Each game is unique in its natural variation of wood grain and colour. The bags are also unique in their colours and look as they come from different cuts. Each game board is hand-crafted with a laser-engraved name or slogan at the front. You also have the option to ultra-customise the game board with a larger image at the back. We would like to hope that each game will be passed down to the next generation.

Our low carbon footprint local supply chain

Our low carbon footprint local supply chain

All components and processes are produced in Nicosia, Cyprus, with the only exception of the game pieces that are produced in Athens, Greece.

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