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Get the tacking duels game with its beautifully crafted marine-quality wooden board, its unique game parts and industrial-grade bags.


Choose your racing fleet of optimist boats or laser boats. Choose also from the colourful selection of game bags and we will match that choice with a contrasting color of a game parts pouch.


Personalise the game board by engraving your name, the name of your club or a slogan. Your engraving will appear on the bottom front side of the wooden board. It can have maximum dimensions of 140mm width by 12mm height (about 5.5in by 0.5in). Long text would appear in shorter height so that it fits in the allowed width, so keep the text as short as possible.


The game is made by sailors for sailors and has been designed for planned sustainability. We have chosen the highest-quality material. The game is completely waterproof, sunproof and seaproof. If you store all components and the wooden board in their purpose-build bags, then you should be able to pass on the game to your grandchildren. The game is also childproof with no sharp edges and non-toxic material.


The game is Made in the EU, specifically in the island of Cyprus and Greece. We have full control of an ethical manufacturing process, sourcing of materials and sustainable waste management. We also have full control of working conditions and fair pay. You can learn more about our choices and ethical approach to manufacturing in Our Values.

Game set

Excluding VAT
Game bag
  • The game includes the following components:


    • 1 marine-quality wooden game board.
    • Fleet of 6 optimist boats or 6 laser boats.
    • 6 wind direction arrows.
    • 1 race committee boat.
    • 7 course marks.
    • 1 wind force die.
    • 1 wind direction die.
    • 1 current direction die.
    • 1 current direction arrow.
    • 1 position boat.
    • 1 random event die.
    • 12 random event pins.
    • 6 starboard/port bracelets.
    • 2 mark-zone stencils and some chalk.
    • 1 English language rulebook.
    • 1 ZEBILA pouch for storing the game parts and manual.
    • 1 ZEBILA game bag for storing the board and all parts.
    • Personalised engraving.


    All components are made from high-quality waterproof and UV-resistant material that can live for a very long time as long as you store them in their purpose-build bags.

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