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The game comes with a printed English language user guide. You may also want a printed translated user guide in some other language. The user guides come in full colour and are laminated.


Right now we have the following languages available:


  • Αποκτήστε τον οδηγό χρήσης στα Ελληνικά.
  • Obtenez le mode d'emploi en Français.
  • Ottieni il guida per l'utente in Italiano.
  • Uzyskaj instrukcję obsługi w języku Polskim.


We will continue adding more languages so please come back and visit, or write us an email with a specific request at

Translated user guide

Excluding VAT
  • The user guides span over 10 pages of full-colour instructions, terminology and rules with many images and diagrams to help you get started right away. The user guides are printed on high quality paper and are laminated to protect against humidity or accidental spills.

    In addition to the user guides, you should know that there is a great deal of online support with instructions how to set up and play the game at different levels of difficulty. Have a look at our play resources.

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